Saa-chan (maureen_cohen) wrote,

To all my family who thinks I'm good with technology, I wanna scream.

I am not.  I got my replacement iPad about 9 hours ago and I want to kick it.  I hate setting up new technology, I'm very much a creature of habit, who likes things as they are.  My apps won't download now, iPad 4 issues or softwear issues, I have no idea...but god, I hate it.  New iTunes?  Layout is nice, but it kind of refuses to respond a lot of the time.  My last iPad was cluttered with apps I didn't use, but at least everything downloaded.

Apparently, iPad 4 came out last month or so...the only thing new is Siri and that horrible new charger cable.  I had an iPad 2, it wasn't the newest model, 3 came out about 4 months after I got mine...but it worked and worked perfectly until my unfortunate accident which sent my iPad crashing to the ground.  That thing was an island, I used it completely independently from the computer.  This one I had to sink for my must and whoohoo hell.  And I had gotten a new laptop last in order to not loose what I had, I kept my iPad separate from the computer.

Also cable guy came to fix the internet...did he?  I think not.  Still having the same problems

Ugh! Doctor Who Eternity Clock.  Just saying, the game play is a lot to be desired.  The animation as well...but it's a fairly cheap game, so whatever.  I'm thankful that Matt and Alex did the voices.
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