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To all my family who thinks I'm good with technology, I wanna… - Do you believe in fate? — LiveJournal
Absolutely not. Ludicrous.
To all my family who thinks I'm good with technology, I wanna scream.

I am not.  I got my replacement iPad about 9 hours ago and I want to kick it.  I hate setting up new technology, I'm very much a creature of habit, who likes things as they are.  My apps won't download now, iPad 4 issues or softwear issues, I have no idea...but god, I hate it.  New iTunes?  Layout is nice, but it kind of refuses to respond a lot of the time.  My last iPad was cluttered with apps I didn't use, but at least everything downloaded.

Apparently, iPad 4 came out last month or so...the only thing new is Siri and that horrible new charger cable.  I had an iPad 2, it wasn't the newest model, 3 came out about 4 months after I got mine...but it worked and worked perfectly until my unfortunate accident which sent my iPad crashing to the ground.  That thing was an island, I used it completely independently from the computer.  This one I had to sink for my must and whoohoo hell.  And I had gotten a new laptop last January...so in order to not loose what I had, I kept my iPad separate from the computer.

Also cable guy came to fix the internet...did he?  I think not.  Still having the same problems


Anyway...got Doctor Who Eternity Clock.  Just saying, the game play is a lot to be desired.  The animation as well...but it's a fairly cheap game, so whatever.  I'm thankful that Matt and Alex did the voices.
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maureen_cohen From: maureen_cohen Date: January 23rd, 2013 09:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Not really, I mean, if you really love Doctor Who and want a game, so you can get a bit more of it in your life...I guess it's worth it. Also, River's first level requires you to sneak out of Stormcage, and if need be, kiss the guards with the Hallucinogenic Lipstick. I haven't really played because I haven't had the time. I'm getting ready to move back to campus.
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