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Do you believe in fate?
Absolutely not. Ludicrous.
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maureen_cohen From: maureen_cohen Date: January 10th, 2013 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)
This is based off an AU rp that happened towards the end of S1.
1. They take turns surprisingly. It depends on who feels like cooking and doing things.
2. They would say they don't fight, they bicker...sometimes.
3. They try to be as normal as possible and go on with their lives. Although, that's rare.
4. They really don't have any, they call each other by their names and nothing else.
5. He is, even if she insists on paying for her half. Sometimes they try to see who gets the bill first.
6. Jack does. Gwen kind of rolls onto her side and almost curls up into a ball and Jack kind of sprawls out and is more likely to take the blankets.
7. They're not big on gift giving. Usually, it's little things like a cooked meal or a massage, a nice evening out. Sometimes it's something nice and small like a new watch or practical things.
8. Well, the first kiss...was it a real first kiss? She kissed him first after he saved her life on her first day of work. Their first real kiss, neither one knows who started it, it just sort of happened.
9. She did, because they may flirt, but he respected her relationship with Rhys to make the first real move.
10. They both do, but he seems to remember more than she does. Gwen tends to let things fluster her and sometimes it causes her to forget.
11. They don't even know. When she broke up with Rhys, it kind of just happened.
12. Gwen does, but she always also says the harsher swear words.
13. He heals like he wasn't injured, so she does nothing, but when she gets injured, he babies her a little. Fixes her cuts up, and if she can't move around to easily or is in a lot of pain, he does things for her, even if she doesn't want him to.
anna_sg1 From: anna_sg1 Date: January 11th, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is cute. :D

I would also think Gwen would be the harsher swearer of the two. XD
9 replies or Comment