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Do you believe in fate? — LiveJournal
Absolutely not. Ludicrous.
Well, compiling my cosplay list for Doctor Who/Torchwood...I have many Amy outfits...go figure.  This is mostly for the con, to see what I have and what I need and to help me finalise decisions on costumes.

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Back from England.  It's been almost 12 hours and ugh, nope, I wanna go back.

My Tumblr has some of the pictures.  Basically, it was 28 days of running around, sitting in class and doing things.  Within those days, I saw: London, Rode the London Eye, Tower of London, Sherlock Museum (lost the pictures, lost the camera), Tower Bridge, The BBC Doctor Who Proms (no pictures, camera was gone), Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Making of Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper Tour (Saw Knockturn Alley), The British Museum, Wicked in London, Cambridge, St Albans, and a bunch of other sites.

I loved it.  If anyone of you are debating about going, I highly recommend England. Good food (cheese is amazing there), good people (everyone I met was super nice and they love asking about the US), beautiful country and history woven into it.  Walking through London, you can see Victorian buildings, Ancient buildings and structures and Medieval buildings.

They're announcing the new Doctor on Sunday and I can't.  I'll miss my baby...my man with the big chin...the man I didn't think I'd love, but I love.
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So I'm going to England this summer for a month and of course, going to the Doctor Who Experience.  Would it be awesome or horrible if I went as River Song?  I'm trying my best to throw together an outfit. 
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So taking the first step towards my trip for Gallifrey One tonight.  Not much to say.  I'm exhausted and school's kinda boring.  The snow storm, effectively cancelled my classes for two days, since yesterday my professor's decided to cancel classes.  I have two classes today.  I am currently far too tired to muster any kind of excitement for this weekend. 

Today's plans are: Talk to RHD, dye hair, finish packing, class...finish any last minute packing, leave for friend's house.
Yep...not much to say...
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In which I rant a lot about technology...Collapse ).
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Give me a pairing and I'll answer these questions for them:

  • who cooks normally?
  • how often do they fight?
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • nicknames for each other?
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • who steals the covers at night?
  • what would they get each other for gifts?
  • who kissed who first?
  • who made the first move?
  • who remembers things?
  • who started the relationship?:
  • who cusses more?
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?

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Avengers MemeCollapse )


2012 Fandom ReviewCollapse )

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Ok, sorry guys, this was a fail review.

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